The city of Botosani recycles today for its health tomorrow

de | April. 16, 2013 | campaign


Between April 18 and 26, in Botosani there is an information and waste collection campaign for electrical and electronic equipment, but also for portable batteries and old accumulators. 

This approach was joined by students from the Children's Palace in Botosani from the Environmental Protection Circle, who created the informative materials. They will also inform the citizens of the municipality.

Students understood how important the gesture of selective collection is, but also the high degree of danger that WEEE and waste batteries and accumulators have if they are thrown at random. Consequently, they decided to share this knowledge with the inhabitants of Botosani municipality and thus determine them not to throw away waste electrical and electronic equipment and improperly used batteries. 

Partners in the project, together with ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT are the Agency for Environmental Protection Botosani and SC Urban Serv Botosani SA.

In the pedestrian area in the city center there is a tent where information materials are available. Also there, the population can bring WEEE and used batteries for their selective collection and recycling.

The slogan of the campaign is eloquent and worth following not only in Botosani: "Recycle today for your health tomorrow!"

Campaign rules are available here.