The Green Corner of My School

de | July. 18, 2012 | campaign

The Recolamp and ECOTIC associations, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Environment and Forests, launched in March, 2012, in the pre-university education in Romania the second stage of the largest national selective collection program. waste, called the "Green Corner of My School".

If in the first stage of the contest called "The Green Corner of My School", which took place at the end of 2011, 35 schools in Romania were awarded whose students built the most ingenious points of selective waste collection, in the the second stage of the program highlighted the usefulness of these Green Corners.

In the category of WEEE collected cumulatively in all three months of competition, the most diligent institutions were:
First place - CD Nenitescu College from Baia Mare which taught 3629 kg
Second place - General School no. 1 from Motru, Gorj county with 1819 kg
Third place - "Oprea Iorgulescu" National School from Campulung Muscel, Arges county, which taught 1755.5 kg.

In the category of waste from light sources:
7st place - School with grades I-VIII Nr. 120 from Timisoara, Timis county with XNUMX kg delivered
Second place - School with classes I-VIII "MR Paraschivescu" from Zimnicea, Teleorman county with 85 kg
Third place - "Napoca" Technical College from Cluj Napoca, Cluj county with 38 kg.

According to the regulation, at the end of the project, following the drawing of lots, in the category of waste from light sources, the winners of 2500 points each were:

  • The school with grades I-VIII from Campeni, Alba county,
  • School Center for Inclusive Education in Sibiu
  • School with grades I-IV from Cucorani, Suceava county.

In the WEEE category, the educational institutions that received 2500 points were:

  • Baiut School of Arts and Crafts, Maramures County,
  • School no. 153 Bucharest
  • School no. 4 Bucharest.

In total, between March 15 and June 15, 2012, the pre-university education institutions participating in the project handed over 27.713 kg of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) and 189 kg of waste from lighting sources (light bulbs and fluorescent tubes).

The waste collected in this project has been collected with the help of authorized collectors, and all used equipment collected in this program will be recycled according to legal provisions.