"The press - Let's trade!" - a new series of projects

de | July. 18, 2012 | campaign

Between April 02 and 07, 2012, ECOTIC together with Brantner Ecological Services organized in Drobeta Turnu Severin the WEEE collection and awareness campaign called "The Press - Let's exchange". And this campaign was among the other projects carried out under the same title, the population receiving in exchange for each waste of electrical and electronic equipment delivered a door press and a ticket to a raffle with prizes held at the end of the campaign.


Approximately 5 tons of such waste were collected, 200 presses were awarded, the project being announced through the distribution of 10.500 flyers.

The same type of project was followed in Oltenita, between April 23 and 28, 2012, where ECOTIC together with SPS ECOSAL Oltenita Municipality were organizers. Following the campaign, approximately 3 tons of WEEE were collected. The project was announced through radio advertising and 5000 flyers distributed in the city…citeşte mai mult.