Rezultatele campaniei “Schimba deseurile cu tehnologia Samsung” – editia a IIIa

de | April. 23, 2013 | campaign

The third edition of the "Change waste with Samsung technology" campaign took place simultaneously in sector 2 of the Capital, but also in Cluj-Napoca, according to the same principles of previous editions.

The period in which this campaign took place was between March 20 and April 20 in Bucharest, and in Cluj-Napoca, between March 20 and April 17.

Throughout the campaign, citizens were informed about the benefits of waste collection and recycling of electrical and household appliances, being invited to hand over WEEE responsibly at the points specially arranged by ECOTIC and its partners.

During the campaign, five mobile collection points operated both in sector 2 of the Capital and in Cluj-Napoca.

These were located in Bucharest, as follows:

  1. Labor Passage Area - Intersection of Blvd Mihai Bravu with Str. Major Ion Coravu, between March 20-24
  2. P-ta Delfinului area (near the intersection), between March 25-30
  3. Obor Square (near the park and intersection), between March 31 and April 5
  4. Sos. Colentina (intersection by plane), between April 6-11
  5. Sos. Stefan Cel Mare (on the subway), between April 12-20

In Cluj-Napoca, the mobile collection points were located in:

  1. Agarbiceanu Square, between March 20 and 24;
  2. Fabricii Street, between March 25 and 30;
  3. Zorilor agri-food market, between March 31 and April 5      
  4. Starda Islazului, between April 6 and 11
  5. Miraslau Street, between April 12 and 17

For each WEEE delivered, participants were awarded 2 vouchers: one for a discount of up to 35% on selected Samsung products and the second for participation in the raffle organized at the end of the campaign, in both centers of the campaign.

During the press conference organized on April 20 in Cluj-Napoca, which took place at the Casino Center for Urban Culture, the winners of the prizes at stake in the raffle were drawn. The prizes for this center were offered by Samsung Romania and consisted of 5 vacuum cleaners, 2 Blu Ray players, 3 Home Cinema systems and 2 32 'LED TVs.

The list of winners from Cluj-Napoca, designated by lot can be consulted here.

In Cluj-Napoca, 423 people handed over a total of 644 used electrical and electronic equipment.   

For sector 2 of the Capital, the press conference in which the winners of the prizes offered by Samsung will be drawn by lot took place on April 24th. The prizes at stake are: 5 vacuum cleaners, 3 Blu Ray players, 2 Home Cinema systems, a dishwasher and a 32 'LED TV

In sector 2 of the Capital, approximately 4,5 tons of WEEE were collected from 493 people.

The list of winners from Bucharest, sector 2 can be consulted here.

In sector 2 of the Capital, partners in the project were the City Hall of this sector and SUPERCOM SA, and in Cluj-Napoca, the project was supported by the City Hall, Rosal Grup - Cluj Napoca branch and the Brantner Veres SA Sanitation Company.

 The campaign archive is available here.