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de | October. 3, 2016 | News

European Conference "Smart City 2016" today, October 3, is the flagship event of this fall img-20161003-wa0000which brings together in Bucharest Top 100 national decision makers in the Smart City phenomenon in Romania. The public debate is conducted in the spirit of the Digital Agenda of the European Commission by the IT&C Advisory Council in partnership with Bucharest City Hall, the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, US Embassy in Romania, IT&C associations in Romania and many multinational and Romanian companies that already support this initiative. urban. The strategic media partners of this event are Revista COMUNICAȚII Mobile, and Agerpres. The IT&C Advisory Council, COMUNICAȚII Mobile magazine and organized in Bucharest, on June 27, 2013, the first conference in Romania dedicated to Smart City, in collaboration with the officials of the UAE Embassy and the Government of Dubai.

Creation of the first Smart City collaborative platform in Romania and SE Europe
European Conference "Smart City 2016" takes place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the Capital and has as central objective the proposal to create the first collaborative Smart City platform in Romania and in South East Europe by the Top 100 Smart City decision makers in our country. It is a collaborative initiative(public-private partnership) which simultaneously address three key dimensions: Citizens, Processes and Technology. decider
Cities need to study citizens and communities very carefully, to know their daily processes, to observe their business actions, to create policies and objectives with which to come in front of their own inhabitants. Subsequently, technology can implement solutions that improve citizens' lives and create economic opportunities, new jobs and ultimately well-being. These efforts require a holistic approach to urban cultures, careful and long-term planning, culminating in local regulations. Invitations to the European Conference "Smart City 2016" will see, for the first time, the latest documentation on Smart City platforms and technologies at European and global level, will discuss the 13 Smart City projects operating within the European Union funded by structural funds and will discuss best practices in the field. The Smart City bibliography at an international level is impressive and is updated practically daily, the organizers already working on a special documentation library for members Smart City Consortium.

Smart City means collaboration for the well-being of citizens
The central idea in initiating a Smart City is the effective collaboration for the benefit of the citizens of several essential industries: Utilities, Energy, Transport, Construction, Ecology, Education, Health, Culture, Sports, etc. Everything is done with the full support of IT & C, which is no longer a market vertical today, but a real horizontal platform that integrates all the others. This is the essence of the Smart City project, which must be imagined by a complex consortium of professionals from local and state administration, academia, business, civil society, non-governmental organizations and the media. Virtually the entire community of an urban area participates in the generation of a Smart City through the innovative contributions of each of the parties involved. The success of Smart City is ensured and conditioned only by the collaboration between the members of the Consortium.

At the European Conference "Smart City 2016 ”We will dismantle the approach mistakes but also the myths already created about the multinational companies that are trying to obtain portions from a later Smart City project, through implementations of pioneering solutions in parking lots, parks, etc. A true Smart City has an integrated, holistic vision, starting from the collaboration between the City Hall and all stakeholders and to attracting European funds, worth many billions of euros.

At the Conference "Smart City 2016" European funds specialists will describe the opportunities to attract new funds available and announced by the European Commission through the voice of President Juncker, funds that mix ESI funds with EFSI funds for a more streamlined approach. The best Romanian consultants on these issues are present and explain to the members of the consortium the application procedures and underline the most frequent mistakes in drawing up the financing files.

Last but not least, the most passionate leaders in the IT&C industry will describe at the European Conference “Smart City 2016 ″ the similarities of the new paradigms of the high-tech industry, such as Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Machine to Machine, culminating with the new generation 5G and our central theme Smart City. In this way, the specialized audience, consisting of over 150 guests, will distinguish how close are the integrative visions of the Smart City paradigm with those of 5G technology.

IT&C Advisory Board the first think tank Romanian of the digital industry in Romania, established in 2013, which invests intelligence, research and networking internationally to support and develop the local high-tech industry. CC IT&C is also the first think tank local specialized on IT&C issues registered in the Transparency Register of the European Commission, with no. 911224720315-28, thus respecting a key commitment to transparency made by the Juncker Commission: that representatives of interest groups seeking to influence policy-making in Brussels must be included in this European register.