Altex and Galaxy Media work for a Clean Environment!

de | Dec. 9, 2013 | News

50 WEEE collected through our own stores

The ECOTIC team welcomed the initiative Altex and Media Galaxy to grant a discount for the delivery of used equipment when buying a new one. We were surprised by the avalanche of daily orders to pick up refrigerators and washing machines from more and more Altex locations. Due to the large volume of used equipment, many of the stores have been equipped with large containers for temporary storage.

The campaign started in June this year and was originally designed to last 3 months but given the success it enjoyed, Altex decided to continue this type of campaign at least until the end of the year. The amount collected in 2013 amounts to about 3000 tons of WEEE consisting of over 50.000 refrigerators and old washing machines.

All this equipment was taken over for management by ECOTIC organization and were transferred for treatment to the company Greenweee International from Buzau. With the entry of this equipment into the treatment process, significant amounts of pollutants (freon and PCB capacitors) were extracted from this waste thus avoiding their removal of pollutants that would have affected the environment.                     

Another benefit of this campaign is the considerable volumes of secondary raw materials recovered as well iron, copper and plastic, which will be capitalized in various production processes.

 Through these actions, Altex contributes to consumer awareness and thus this waste does not end up uncontrolled in the scrap metal streams or abandoned in green areas, with negative effects on the environment. Altex's CSR policy also includes other types of actions, such as: making batteries waste collection containers available to consumers throughout the store network, sending awareness messages both on the site and on Facebook and others.


Congratulations to Altex for its initiative and support for a Clean Environment!

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