The School of Ecoterrians has been launched!

de | October. 10, 2016 | News

Today, October 11, 2016, ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT start the registrations in a new one se-generic-fp-01awareness and collection campaign for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste batteries and accumulators (DBA), dedicated to schools in Romania. The "School of Ecoterrians" aims to bring to schools the message of the importance of environmental protection, through active participation in waste collection.

The "School of Ecoterrians" campaign has several stages and several types of activities involved. Between October 11 and November 11, 2016, schools in Romania are invited to register for the campaign, and will receive eco-information and education materials (posters, materials dedicated to students, collection containers). With their help, schools will be able to carry out WEEE and DBA collection activities, as well as eco-education activities and environmental care and protection initiatives, such as: greening, planting, eco creation (essays, collages, photo-video).

Both types of activities will be monitored and awarded, depending on either the amount of waste collected or the score obtained after judging the activities performed.

The activities will take place from the moment of receiving the materials, until April 2017. The results and reports can be sent until May, and the judging and awarding will be done until the end of the school year, in June 2017.

"Our desire is to contribute to changing mentalities and habits at school and at home in terms of environmental protection and resource saving. We propose to the children to become Ecoterrians, that is, change factors connected to nature and its needs. ” Valentin Negoita, President of ECOTIC.

More details about the project are available here.