ECOTIC adapts ecological education for the online environment

de | April. 29, 2020 | News

Under the slogan "We keep our distance, but we stay united for a clean environment! ” ECOTIC continues the awareness actions addressed to the little ones and especially to students, in the online environment.

In the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, when we are all forced to keep our distance to be safe, we continue to focus on clean environment and environmental education, this time through online communication channels, Facebook, Instagram and YoutubeEQUOTIC efforts support children, parents and teachers who need ideas and materials adapted to further environmental education at home.

The Ecoterreni School continues online

One of the ECOTIC projects that continues online is the "School of Ecoterrians". Students will benefit from ecological education lessons in video format that they will be able to watch in the comfort of their own home. The lessons have both a theoretical component and a practical one that they can do at home. The videos will be available on the Youtube page of the organization and not only.

You can see the first lesson here

The second lesson

The third lesson

LIVE Storytelling - Eco educational stories

Using online communication channels we will develop several activities for educational and awareness purposes. One of these will be the LIVE sessions on the Facebook page of the ECOTIC organization during which we will read stories with ecological themes for the little ones. Starting in mid-April, the little environmental ambassadors will have the chance to find out more about the ECOTIC mascot, the Ecoterrian, through stories.

To follow the live readings or to review the previous readings, we invite you to access the Facebook page of the ECOTIC Organization.

VIDEO - Creative recycling ideas

And because it is a good opportunity to be creative, parents and children can learn to make creative recycling projects thus giving a new life to the various materials or objects they have around the house. This is a useful and recreational activity that informs the public about the possibilities of reuse and a constructive way of spending free time.

You can see the creative recycling spots on the organization's YouTube page:

https: // v = xADot7FEaxI

Inspiration for eco education

The online awareness campaign started by posting inspirational elements such as articles, videos or various study materials focused on environmental protection in general and separate collection and recycling in particular.

One of the most important online materials disseminated during this period is the "Manual of environmental protection and selective collection". It presents practical aspects of separate collection and recycling of all types of waste, with clear examples of which are recyclable and which are not, a small dictionary with the most common terms in the field of environmental protection, and, last but not least, a small compendium with the most important legislative provisions. Interested persons can access it

It is important during this period not to forget that we can take care of the environment through small but important gestures, right at home: reuse, separate waste collection, efficient consumption of water and energy and much more.

In order to be up to date with all these activities and to find out more about how we can protect the environment ourselves, we invite you to follow si

We keep our distance, but we stay united for a clean environment!