ECOTIC joined the group "Romania Horizon 2020 Initiative"

de | mart. 4, 2014 | News

ECOTIC accepted an invitation to participate in a round table organized by Revista Ecologic, on 19.02.2014, with the theme "Horizon 2020: Romania a recycling society?".

This event was attended by representatives of: 

  • organizations taking responsibility for packaging
  • organizations taking over responsibilities on WEEE
  • the organization taking responsibility for tires
  • WEEE recyclers
  • recyclable waste collectors
  • To the employer organization OPP Remat
  • Employers' organization Cirom
  • RER group
  • Embassy of Germany
  • Economic agents (packaging manufacturers)

During the discussions, emphasis was placed on the need for dialogue of the recycling industry with central authorities to encourage the achievement of a legislative framework conducive to the development of this industry and the achievement of selective collection and recycling targets that Romania has assumed as a state of the European Union.

To facilitate this, the participants in the meeting decided to set up the Working Group "Romania Horizon 2020 Initiative", which will be coordinated by the director of ECOLOGIC magazine, Matei Dumitru. The Group will encourage vertical dialogue in the activities of collection and recycling of recyclable waste, and elected delegates will develop views on existing legislative proposals or legislation to be submitted and promoted to central authorities.

The working group is working on a point of view regarding the draft replacement of Law 101 - Sanitation Law.