ECOTIC and InfoCons have launched the Environmental Protection Manual

de | April. 9, 2020 | News

ECOTIC, together with InfoCons, have launched the "Manual of environmental protection and selective collection", material designed to inform the population on good practices towards the environment.

The handbook presents in a comprehensive manner and in plain language useful information and recommendations for citizens of all ages, urging them to protect the environment by collecting separate recyclable waste.

At the same time, it is an educational support for all those interested in ecology and who have the desire to learn how to take care of the environment, and, implicitly, their health. It comes to the aid of teachers, who want to provide students with a quality environmental education, gathering all practical and relevant information in one place.

The manual presents practical aspects of separate collection and recycling of all types of waste, with clear examples of which are recyclable and which are not, a small dictionary with the most common terms in the field of environmental protection, and, last but not least, a small compendium with the most important legislative provisions. At the same time, it offers recommendations on waste sorting in the household, as well as information of interest on environmental protection in general. The manual can be consulted on

"The environmental protection manual is a useful educational tool for all those interested in environmental protection and saving resources. We are convinced that, by promoting these examples of good practices and solutions in the field of waste collection and recycling, we contribute to the development of a responsible attitude of Romanian citizens towards the environment ", says Valentin Negoiță, ECOTIC President.

"A cleaner environment means a better life, a healthier life. With attitude we can really have a life at a European level and standard ”says Sorin Mierlea - President of InfoCons Association.

The textbook will also be distributed to pre-university teachers in the national environmental protection campaign "Close. Extinguish. Recycle." implemented by InfoCons.

The purpose of the "Close. Turn off. Recycle." is to contribute to increasing the level of awareness and information of Romanian consumers about sustainable consumption, to small changes in the current way of life, which can produce great beneficial effects in the future.