ECOTIC and the Municipality of Iasi bring from Norway valuable knowledge and good practices of WEEE collection and recycling

de | May 26, 2015 | News

In May of this year, ECOTIC, through its operational director, Nicoleta Lazar, led an exchange of Romanian-Norwegian experience at the level of the Municipalities of Iasi, respectively Oslo and Drammen, the aim being the direct exposure of the Romanian side to the experience of duration and efficiency. Norwegian systems for the collection, recycling and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The exchange of experience in Norway is part of a larger program dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of the green economy in Romania, Steps for WEEE, developed by ECOTIC and co-financed by Norway Grants.

The program aims to establish in Romania a municipal collection center, on a Western European model, and the municipality that responded positively to the ECOTIC initiative was that of Iasi. The move from Norway was one of the necessary steps for the relevant structures in Romania - at the level of local and environmental public authorities, sanitation infrastructure - to have direct experience of what can mean efficiency during the entire cycle of decommissioning of a WEEE: from collection to recovery of its components. 

We thank the City Hall of Iasi, Salubris Iasi and ADIS for the proven openness and availability. It was an important step towards our goal of helping to build a clean Romania.