ECOTIC draws an efficient information circuit for WEEE collection

de | July. 21, 2015 | News

Starting with May, ECOTIC started an information campaign to the owners' associations from Botosani, Timisoara and sector 6 from Bucharest, together with sanitation companies from these cities: Urban Serv Botosani, Retim Ecologic Service from Timisoara and Urban Bucharest. Tens of thousands of people have found out where and how they can hand over WEEE responsibly.

Mr. Ionescu lives in a city in Romania. He is a normal man, he lives in a block of flats arranged in such a way as to have as much comfort as possible. Of course, a washing machine, a refrigerator and a TV, and many other electrical and electronic equipment have found their rightful place in the dance house. Only Mr. Ionescu has had these equipments for a long time and it would be good to replace them with new ones. At least some of them that are very, very old. But what to do with the old ones? They are heavy and big, with the dance machine he can't carry them. To rent transport would cost him as much as he does.

But one May morning, Mr. Ionescu sees in the notice board of the block a poster that clearly tells him how he can hand over any outdated equipment. "Useful information! ” thinks our gentleman, one of the tens of thousands of Romanians who found in the notice boards of the blocks of flats where they live the right answer regarding the delivery of WEEE.

And this is because, starting with May, ECOTIC, together with Urban Serv Botosani, Retim Ecologic Service and Urban Bucharest, started a very clearly targeted communication campaign to the owners' associations from Botosani, from Timisoara and from sector 6, Bucharest. The most efficient is to communicate directly where there is not only the target audience, but also the problem, because a lot of WEEE in Romania is in people's homes.

Tens of thousands of people have been informed about how to properly dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment, the information in the posters created by ECOTIC and distributed by sanitation companies, in a joint effort, being very useful. Thus, in Botosani, approximately 50.000 people from 49 associations have already been informed, in Timisoara almost all the posters from the 2.000 products for the two months of the campaign have already been distributed, as well as in Bucharest.

We thank for the support of the companies Urban Serv Botosani, Urban Bucharest and Retim Ecologic Service for their involvement in a communication circuit that has many advantages and, we hope, results to measure. We will come back with information about the results of this campaign.