Green Group and ECOTIC start winter cleaning with SIGUREC MOBIL service for collecting old electronics

de | Dec. 20, 2016 | News

Campaign „ The housekeeper recycles, MOBILE SECURITY rewards”Is addressed to the inhabitants of the capital who have to hand over old electrical and electronic equipment and can get rid of them in the simplest way, using the SIGUREC MOBIL waste collection service directly from home.ecotic-a5

Citizens can request SIGUREC MOBIL using the SIGUREC smartphone application or by calling the number provided, being rewarded on the spot with vouchers for discounts on purchases or money. At the end of the campaign, participants will be able to win one of the 20 vacuum cleaners by drawing lots.

"If we make an inventory of the things we have stored in the house, we will find that we no longer use many of them. By downloading the application or by a simple phone we can free the space occupied by an air conditioner, a TV or a coffee maker using the waste collection service directly in front of the house, with the guarantee that they reach directly to the GreenWEEE recycling factory in Buzau. , says Anda Stancu, Green Group Communication Manager.

The SIGUREC MOBIL collection service integrates high-performance systems for waste collection, all trucks being equipped with weighing equipment and operating on the basis of intelligent software that records in real time the transactions performed. In this way, clear and precise data are provided, such as the type and weight of waste collected. At the same time, the application records and monitors collection performance and calculates the amount of CO2 saved by sorting and sending waste for recycling.

The main objective of the campaign is to develop a responsible attitude of the population towards waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) which, through the SIGUREC MOBIL service, reach directly and safely in recycling plants in Romania.

Some interesting things about recycling:

Recycling a refrigerator saves 2800 kg of CO2, the equivalent of 13,000 km by car

Recycling a monitor saves 745 liters of drinking water and prevents the generation of the same amount of wastewater. The same amount of water is used for 10 showers

A TV cathode ray tube has been polluting 50 square meters of ground for 30 years