[PROTV NEWS INTERVIEW] Why don't Romanians recycle old household appliances

de | October. 17, 2017 | News

Did you think that your TV, microwave, or iron can help produce electricity? Unfortunately, even if a Romanian changes his TV once every 5 years and his refrigerator every 10 years, most old electrical and electronic appliances are not recycled, although they are a source of environmental pollution.

″ Lack of services provided by the mayor's office, selective collection where there is no pick-up service from home as we have in the campaign, people take them out into the street and take them scrap metal and objects are taken out what is valuable. Whatever means the pollutant is left in the field, the refrigerators contain freon and it is among the main culprits of global warming, it is also found in the insulating foam.

The full interview is available here.