Join the Solidarity Circle!

de | June. 4, 2020 | News

Campania Enter the circle of solidarity !, initiated by ECOTIC and GreenWEEE, takes place between June 5 and October 20, 2020, with the support of APDETIC, Informal IT School, Workshops without Borders, RFI and Zapdeco. The aim of the campaign is to give new life to used IT equipment by preparing it for reuse and then donating it to disadvantaged communities.

The campaign takes place in the context of the accelerated digitization caused by the pandemic, which highlighted the low level of access to technology that disadvantaged communities have: 32% of students in Romania do not have access to electronic equipment

  How can you get involved?

companies big and small, are invited to donate IT equipment which would otherwise be scrapped and actively contribute to the digitization of beneficiaries in disadvantaged areas. The delivered equipment will be prepared for reuse by Workshops without Borders to be then donated.

In order to hand over the laptops, central units and monitors, the available form will be filled in here.

  How can you benefit from donated equipment?

Schools, placement centers or NGOs who wish to benefit from these facilities are invited to register here in order to benefit from donated IT equipment.

“We are initiating this campaign to collect and donate IT equipment in the context of amplifying the online education caused by the pandemic and the reduced access to technology of many rural communities. Thus, many computers, after reconditioning, will gain a new life through their use by schools, placement centers or NGOs "said Valentin Negoiță, President of ECOTIC.

"The period we are going through requires a more responsible way of managing the products and materials we use. In the case of used electronic devices, re-use presents a challenge and an opportunity to reduce the "digital divide" and to offer the tested devices to people who need them. As a recycler, we support the extension of the life of the devices, our goal being to conserve natural resources and protect the environment, ”said Marius Costache, General Manager of WEEE.

The campaign is launched by International Environment Day 2020, with the theme Time for nature, which emphasizes our essential role in developing and maintaining a friendly climate for all species on Earth. Given the environmental benefits of reusing equipment, the campaign provides a boost to the public who want to be part of this global movement, starting with Environment Day itself.