ECO JOURNALISM FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT: 5 simple things for a cleaner environment

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  1. When I leave home, I use a reusable water container.

This results in 30–40 fewer plastic bottles per month. That is about 365-400 fewer plastic bottles per year. The hat! If we multiply by 7 billion, it's something.

How? Don't you drink water? Very bad! It's a good opportunity to get started.

If, however, you say that you die without Cola and other bazacons, at least buy big bottles and take them with you in the "package". Although it's better to die of old age than what these juices contain. It's your job, no. The important thing is to get rid of pollution. It's okay for the planet if you never take anything to drink with you. It's ideal. The fewer people around here, the better for Mother Earth. However, it is a shame to waste our lives. Take care of yourself! #stayhydrated

  1. I use soap instead of shower gelș. Ideal isă boughtărsăpun packed îin a biodegradable material, or loose / unpackaged.

This results in far fewer plastic bottles. Well, this can vary from person to person, because one is bigger, another is smaller, one is washing more often and with a sense of responsibility, another is more jumpy, but no matter what.

  1. I'm investing in a brushță fromțand bamboo.

It's not exactly a fortune and it looks very cool. This may be the first time you've attracted some family jokes on this topic, but everyone is definitely getting used to it. I chose a really cool nickname from my son: "Bambusica". I find it very exotic.

  1. I filter the water or if I can't do that, I buy water in glass containers or other natural containers (they are rare, but I hope they become a rule). If I can't afford it, at least buy water in containers as large as possible, in order to reduce the number of pets consumed.

I am waiting for the day when packaging, bags, bottles and all plastic misfortunes will be completely banned. I wait for it as if… Without this mess, how good it would be on Earth… There are already natural alternatives for everything. God help!

There are also cities / areas where tap water is spring water, excellent without any additional filtration. One such place is Vienna, which brings water from a distance of about 100 km from the mountains. How good it would be to be an example followed by as many cities / areas as possible!

  1. I'm going to the marketță/ shop with bagșand from homeă.

Ideal made of canvas or raffia (natural, not imitation plastic: D).

Even Louis Vuitton launched the raffia paper for 2-3000 euros, so it's really mega trendy.

In other words, the ones from Obor also go.

This month is #plasticfreejuly. It should always be #plasticfree.

The earth is our only home and we kill it knowingly. All of us. There is, of course, a need for authorities everywhere to get involved urgently and take action that puts the common interest of all above the financial interests of some, but everything that each of us does matters a lot.

A man cannot do everything alone, but each of us can do something. Any gesture, no matter how small, matters.

What ideas do you have and especially what ideas do you put into practice to help this wonderful nature that endures us even in the way we treat it? I invite you to write them in the comments.

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#haicaputem #unitedbythethingswelove #motherearth

  • Reusable water container
  • Filtered water / in large container / biodegradable
  • Soap instead of shower gel
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Reusable bags made of natural materials

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