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          When, during the winter, the snow Trojans from other sectors of the Capital seem huge fierce white mountains, difficult to climb by those who run to work or to enrich themselves intellectually, morally and spiritually, in sector 6 it circulates well, the streets (main and some of the secondary ones) being, in the shortest time, snow-free. We work on snow removal in daylight, we work hard at night. This is Urban SA, whose motto is: "For us there is no 2nd place!".


          - It is known that Urban SA is a company that operates in the field of integrated waste management, since the '95s. What does this integrated management entail? What does society practically do?

          - Our company deals with:

  1. Collection, transport, processing / sorting, recovery or disposal of waste;
  2. Providing containers for collection;
  3. Awareness campaigns on waste management;
  4. Fulfillment of the target for the local public authority and for producers / importers.

          - Does it offer another type of service?

          - Of course! Interior cleaning, landscaping, sorting of recyclable waste, snow removal.

      Performance. Recovery through recycling

          - Do you have strong competitors in this field?

          - We have competition. I don't know how formidable it is, but we have. But we consider that we are the best performing company in this field of activity.

          - How do you collect and store waste?

          - We collect 2 fractions per population and 4 fractions per company. We sort everything that is recyclable. We capitalize by recycling or co-incineration. What is left is removed by storage.

          - Do the inhabitants of sector 6 receive special bags for the selective collection of waste?

          - Yes. Those who have enrolled in the ZERO TAX program, about 500 residents' associations, receive bags with a bar code, in which they collect the dry fraction - recyclables.

    - Are the inhabitants of sector 6 aware of the importance of selective waste collection? How are they guided and helped to achieve this?

          - Some, yes. We constantly provide them with information on why waste should be separated and how to do it.

          The environment - the air we breathe, the place where we live…

          - What does the environment mean to you?

          - The environment is the air we breathe, the place where we live our daily lives, the environment in which our children grow and develop. It is very important to maintain a healthy environment, as we found it.

          - How can we live in an unpolluted environment? What steps can we take to keep it healthy?

          - In the field of waste management, we must collect waste separately, even from home, from the kitchen. Let's recycle everything that can be recycled, let's compost organic waste and recover the rest, so that there are no more landfills… the "zero waste" concept.


          - How important it is for the environment selective waste collection?

          - Selective waste collection is extremely important, because without a separate collection it is not possible to manage waste efficiently.

          - Do you have contracts concluded only with the associations of tenants of the blocks of flats and with the natural persons from the sector in which you operate or also with state institutions, with private companies, regardless of the sector in which they are found?

          - We have contracts concluded with institutions and economic agents from all over Bucharest.


   Activities in support of culture and sports

          - How was the Otopeni Library project born?

          - I noticed that, when collecting the paper separately, I always had books. And some were even in good condition. Any book is valuable for the information it presents, not for the paper it is printed on, so where the books are not degraded, we retrieve them and make them available to readers again. In Otopeni, after a discussion with the City Hall, I proposed the establishment of this library of the park, so that everyone has free access to all these books, either by borrowing them or reading them right there, in the park.

          "Books - you know!" - they must be properly maintained so that as many readers as possible have access to them, so that they do not get sick while reading them. Who highlights them? Who takes care of them?

          - The library of the city of Otopeni took over this task, to manage the House with books in the central park of Otopeni.

          - Has the number of library volumes increased since the library was born?

          - I found that some of the books have disappeared, they have been taken home by those who want them, which is not bad. We also brought books there, which we donated to the library in the Odăi neighborhood, Otopeni.

          - Is your company, Urban SA, involved in other activities (cultural, sports, etc.)?

          - In the past years, we have been involved, for example, in holding cycling competitions. Currently, we focus only on environmental issues and improving our services. Ah, yes! Let's not forget Bobita, the parrot saved from the garbage by our team from Otopeni!



          - Thank you for the interview!


Nicoleta Enculescu