Premiere on the Romanian recycling market - GreenGlass

de | Dec. 16, 2013 | News

GreenGlass, the glass recycling factory, was inaugurated on December 05, 2013 near Bucharest, in Popesti-Leordeni, after an investment of 4 million euros.

GreenGlass has a capacity of over 110.000 tons of glass and can process all glass waste in Bucharest in just 7 days.

Green Group, one of the most important investors in the green industry in Romania, inaugurated on December 05, GreenGlass Recycling. This factory is located near the Capital, within the former Danubian industrial platform. Glass waste is transformed here into granules of very high purity (99,99%), which are further used in the industrial process of manufacturing new glass. The factory will have a total processing capacity of 110.000 tons of glass waste annually.

Using glass from sanitation companies, the construction and automotive industries, the HoReCa system, municipal waste sorting stations and authorized collectors, GreenGlass contributes directly to reducing the amount of glass waste that reaches landfills. . GreenGlass representatives estimate that the factory can process all glass waste in Bucharest in just 7 days.

"In Romania, the monitored quantity of glass placed on the market annually in the form of packaging is approximately 200.000 tons, to which is added an unmonitored quantity of over 300.000 tons of flat glass used in construction, as well as significant quantities of glass from industry. auto. We are talking about a material that is increasingly used in various industries, but which has remained on the last place in terms of recycling, although we have strict objectives for managing this type of waste ", said Constantin Damov, co-founder of Green Glass Recycling.

The goal of recycling glass packaging waste for Romania as an EU member state is 60% of the quantity placed on the market, starting with 2012. In the first year of operation, GreenGlass representatives estimate that the factory will process over 30.000 tons of glass , followed by an annual increase of 15.000 tons, until the maximum capacity is reached.

The factory carries out operations of grinding, heat treatment, magnetic separation of metals, aspiration of plastic foils and labels, manual sorting and sorting according to granulation, and as a final product results glass granules, with an extremely high purity of color and material . GreenGlass is the only factory in Romania and Eastern Europe with state-of-the-art sorting plants that can produce 99,99% purity glass granules.

Among the most important customers of GreenGlass are the large local manufacturers of glass packaging, flat glass or fiberglass, but the material can also be exported, the demand for recycled glass is growing worldwide.

Green Glass is part of the Green Group, the largest investor in the green industry in Romania. The Green Group also includes: GreenTech (the first integrated PET recycler), GreenFiber International (producer of synthetic fiber and PET tape), GreenWEEE International (electrical and electronic waste treatment unit), GreenLamp Reciclare (the only recycler in Romania that treats used lighting equipment)

Details about GreenGlass are available here.