Project Gala Awards for a Clean Environment, second edition

de | July. 18, 2012 | Awards Gala, News

ECOTIC held the second edition of the Clean Environment Awards Gala between October and November. The ECOTIC Association thus continued the campaign to promote projects dedicated to environmental protection and resource saving.


The Awards Gala for a Clean Environment took place under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, in partnership with the National Environmental Guard and Secorului 3 City Hall and with the support of Europa FM, RealitateaNET, and Through this campaign, ECOTIC aimed to popularize the social responsibility programs of companies or public institutions, as well as good practices at the level of local communities, in the field of environmental protection.

Thus, companies, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and, last but not least, the general public, were invited to post on the site dedicated to the project descriptions and photos / videos of environmental projects that they recommend or as their organizers, either as members of local communities. As its own example of involvement in protecting and saving the environment, ECOTIC built with the support of the City Hall of Sector 3, in the launch stage of the Gala, the first vertical garden in Romania, symbolically called "Green Ark".