Roșiorii de Vede joins the "Clean Cities" campaign

de | aug. 31, 2020 | News

Starting with January 2020, Romanians are encouraged to "be in the country as well as abroad" and to hand over waste electrical and electronic equipment responsibly.

Between August 31 and September 4, 2020, ECOTIC, ADI Teleorman and Roșiorii de Vede City Hall urge the inhabitants of Roșiorii de Vede to hand over correctly for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and that each person who handles waste of at least 5kg cumulated to be automatically entered in the raffle, with the chance to win one of the following prizes: bread machine, bagless vacuum cleaner, meat grinder and hand mixer.

The collection point for electrical and electronic waste is located at the Roșiorii de Vede City Hall.

The inhabitants of Roșiorii de Vede benefit from the free service of taking large and voluminous WEEE from home, by calling the telephone number 0247 466 936. The collection from home will be done respecting the sanitary and safety requirements.

 "The Clean Cities campaign is welcome in the city of Roșiorii de Vede. Its mission to make the general public aware of the importance of properly disposing of electrical and electronic waste is doubled by the creation of a temporary collection point and a home collection service. The mayor's office supports these efforts, emphasizing the importance of the correct collection of electrical waste as an important step in the implementation of the circular economy and environmental protection. " says Oana Fulgheci, Head of Monitoring Office Teleorman Waste Management Intercommunity Development Association

"Clean Cities" Roșiorii de Vede is part of the national information campaign "Be in your country as well as abroad", organized by ECOTIC in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests. Its purpose is to contribute to the awareness of the Romanian public regarding the correct behavior towards a type of waste: WEEE - waste electrical and electronic equipment. Through it, ECOTIC aims to promote good practices in the European Union and to inform the Romanian public on the solutions for separate collection of electrical and electronic waste that are available to all: electronics and home appliances stores, municipal collection points and campaigns on which ECOTIC carries out regularly, in urban and rural areas. Details about the campaign on