A selfie with electrical waste can bring you a smart TV

de | October. 22, 2021 | News

Between October 22nd and December 15th, a selfie through which you promote the correct delivery of electrical waste to the Urban SA collection points in sector 6, can bring you a smart TV.blank

ECOTIC, Together with URBAN SA, launches the campaign Urban selfie through which people who post a selfie on social media networks (Facebook and Instagram) with electrical or electronic equipment along with a text explaining how to hand over electrical waste will enter the race for a Smart TV.

The objective of the campaign is to make the population aware of the separate collection of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) as well as the availability of dedicated collection points in sector 6 of Bucharest.

Thus, those who want to participate can do so as follows:

  • HOME selfie: make a post on Facebook or Instagram that contains a selfie with at least one electrical / electronic equipment in the house, along with the text "Still working. But when he doesn't do it again, I will take him to recycling at the URBAN SA collection points in sector 6 of the Capital. Be responsible and collect separately! ” and the hashtags #urbanselfie and #recicleazacuECOTIC;
  • Selfie from URBAN COLLECTION POINT (list of collection points is available here): making a post on Facebook or Instagram containing a selfie from one of the collection points of URBAN SA in sector 6 with an electrical waste, next to the text "My electrical equipment has become waste. I take him for recycling at one of the URBAN SA points in sector 6 of the Capital, to help him have a new life. Be responsible and collect separately! " And with the hashtags #urbanselfie and #recicleazacuECOTIC

Participants will be automatically entered into the raffle, with the opportunity to win one state-of-the-art smart TV.

“We want to bring to the public's attention the correct way of handing over electrical and electronic waste, so that it reaches the recycling stream and at the same time to promote the collection points for electrical waste that the citizens of sector 6 of the Capital have at their disposal. This waste contains hazardous substances which, if not recycled properly, could end up in nature and pollute the environment and seriously harm our health. " says Dan Ceauseșcu, commercial director of Urban SA.

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