ECO days in your school! - the first phase of the campaign included in the ECOTIC Caravan project is coming to an end

de | June. 9, 2015 | News

The first stage of the ECOTIC campaign "Eco Days in your School!" ends this month. The message of the campaign reached over 50.000 students, involving 104 schools in Romania

Started in 2014 and running nationwide until 2016, the ECOTIC Caravan project hosted a series of complementary actions and campaigns to reach a wider audience. "Eco Days in your School!" is one of these campaigns, addressed to students, teachers and parents.

On November 13, 2014, the “Eco Days in Your School!” Campaign started, a campaign carried out within the WEEE awareness and collection project, ECOTIC Caravan. Now, at the end of the school year, the Caravan team draws the line and rightly enjoys the excellent results of this first stage of the project.

In the work of any organization that aims to make the public aware of sensitive situations related to the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, children are perhaps the most important and delicate public. And that's because they are open, fresh and amazingly creative and receptive. The message for them must be clear and honest, but conveyed in a way that keeps them interested. It's not easy, but ECOTIC worked with wonderful teachers from 104 schools in 23 cities, with whom we managed to organize over 300 hours of eco-education and a lot of other very interesting activities.

The children were trained in creative competitions: they made works of art from waste, works that benefited even from local exhibitions; they made drawings or wrote essays, they even entered a photo-video contest on eco themes. They planted flowers and trees and cleaned the surroundings of the school, animated by an enthusiasm that often infected the adults. This is the merit of children - when they are convinced of something, they work with love and dedication and it is impossible not to be impressed.

This explains the fact that many schools have managed to collect significant amounts of WEEE, batteries and accumulators. The children activated their parents and together they entered the big final competition, which will award three important prizes to the schools with the best results. The first prize will be an Eco camp for 20 students, the second prize will be a smart board, and the third prize will be a video projector and a home-cinema system.

We are also looking forward to finding out who the lucky winners will be. But until then, we want to thank everyone - teachers, parents and especially students. They made us believe that we have someone to rely on in our work for a clean environment! See you in September 2015, at the start of the second stage of "Eco Days in your School"!