WEEE Recycling Open Day - World Environment Day, 2015

de | June. 9, 2015 | News

On World Environment Day, ECOTIC invited producers to Workshops Without Borders, for Open Day for WEEE Recycling

June 5, the date set by the UN for the celebration of World Environment Day, marked a special event: ECOTIC and Ateliere Fara Frontiere opened their doors and showed producers the complexity of specific WEEE recycling flows.

In the 9 years of activity, ECOTIC has managed to develop a functional and efficient system for collecting, recycling and reusing WEEE, which involves producers and importers of EEE, operators designated to perform various stages in the recycling and recovery process. as well as the general public. Participants in this system do not always know or interact with each other directly. Therefore, ECOTIC aims to organize actions in which each gets to know what the other is doing, in an attempt to build trust, synergy and increased efficiency.

World Environment Day provided a perfect opportunity to organize an Open Day for WEEE Recycling, an annual event that is beginning to gain tradition. If last year ECOTIC invited its producers to Buzau, this year the host was Ateliere Fara Frontiere, an IT recycling and recovery operator with a special partnership with ECOTIC. For 5 years, Ateliere Fara Frontiere not only collects and recycles various IT equipment, but has managed to transpose in Romania a concept that is gaining more and more strength in Europe and beyond: the circular, social and solidarity economy.

In short, following the partnership with ECOTIC, AFF manages to professionalize and create jobs for people in great difficulty - people with amazing life stories. There are people who manage to relearn a profession and who achieve everything that means the correct recycling of a WEEE: disassembly, recovery, creative reuse and even prolonging life. Also, through the partnership between ECOTIC and AFF, a very important aspect related to the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment is fruitful: that of the reuse of such waste. A number of such equipments that reach the recycling flow are tested, improved and returned to the public through projects to support disadvantaged communities or that need help to reduce the technology gap between certain communities.

ECOTIC partners had the opportunity to see all these things directly, in the working sections of AFF. It is an experience that creates connections and gives energy to the work we all do, for the same goal: a clean environment.