A seminar aiming to inform on the new Government Emergency Ordinance regarding WEEE was organized by ECOTIC for affiliated producers and more

de | June. 10, 2015 | News

In April 2015, the European Directive on WEEE (2012/19 / EU) was transposed into national legislation as the Government Emergency Ordinance 5/2015. The Ordinance establishes new coordinates on the process of WEEE collection and recycling and by organizing this seminar, ECOTIC offered information on the new Ordinance to EEE producers.

On May 12th 2015, ECOTIC organized a seminar in Bucharest to inform on GEO 5/2015. All affiliated producers to ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT were invited, alongside all producers who wished to be informed on the new Ordinance. Representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, of the National Agency for Environmental Protection, together with Attorney Magdalena Popescu detailed the regulations introduced in April; these regulations raised the recycling threshold imposed on WEEE producers and enforce measures meant to encourage WEEE collection in Romanian households.

A general view of the Ordinance 5/2015 show its two major objectives, as Mr. Valentin Negoita, President of ECOTIC, declared: “the environmental protection, on the one hand, and the economic stake, on the other hand, through the revaluation of raw materials resulted from the recycling process. ”

Many of the aspects discussed during the seminar enjoyed national media coverage, especially via national TV networks. Much of the relevant information reached the general public and this is of great importance. We are happy that ECOTIC's initiatives raise awareness and serve the public interest.