Year 2021. The Earth's population has already passed the critical threshold of 7,5 billion people; this means consumption that has exploded in recent decades, especially in industrialized and developed areas.

Consumption means comfort and a better life for many people, but for the planet it also means drained resources. Many reports from international institutions show that we're at a critical juncture, where if we fail to change the way we consume in order to become sustainable in the long run, we may face severe situations.

We need to recycle! Let's return to the production and consumption circuit materials that have value: paper, plastic, also computers, refrigerators or washing machines, of which rare and precious metals can be recovered such as iron, aluminum, copper or other metals rare and precious.

Simply put, by recycling we give the planet a breath of fresh air. Because instead of consuming the resources still available, we consume from what has already been used. Less waste, newly created jobs, more responsible people and a brighter future for our children.

It's important to note that recycling has a very important role to play in protecting the environment given that through this process are recovered substances that once infiltrated in the environment affect the ozone layer, global warming, human health, flora and fauna.

For individuals, the method to get rid of WEEE is:

collection containers

Waste batteries and accumulators, waste electrical and electronic equipment small and Consumed light bulbs and neon lights, can be taught at almost all supermarkets or mini-markets that have collection containers 

Exchange 1 to 1

Waste bulky electrical and electronic equipment can be handed over to the courier when purchasing a similar new product, with prior notice (eg buy a new refrigerator, you can hand over an old, used refrigerator in exchange)

Pick up from home

Waste bulky electrical and electronic equipment can be picked up from home following a pick-up order made by mail at logistica@ecotic.ro (minimum 50 kg)

For all the above mentioned waste find collection points on the ECOTIC map.

Do you want us to identify the best solution for you? Call us at  (telephone number with normal tariff in the Telekom network)

For legal entities, the teaching method through ECOTIC is:

Send an email to logistica@ecotic.ro, indicating the loading address, the contact person on site and the estimated amount of DBA / WEEE / light bulbs and neon lights

When you pick up your waste, you will receive an original Handover and Receipt Report. At any time, at your request, we may provide information about the quantities delivered through us. Pickup of WEEE / DBA / bulbs and neon lights is provided free of charge, at no cost.

ECOTIC can also provide you with free collection of small WEEE, WBA, light bulbs and neon as shown below: