The ECOTIC “Clean Cities” and “Clean Villages” campaigns aim to inform citizens about the importance of separate collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment and waste batteries and accumulators, but also the actual collection of this type of waste in rural areas and urban.

The importance of separate collection has encouraged us to organize such campaigns to be closer to people and to show them: how to proceed, what happens to the disposed waste, how we help to protect the environment.

The mechanism of these campaigns is in the favor of the citizen and the environment as well:

  • The people who dispose either receive an instant prize or a voucher for handing over a quantity of waste and the possibility to participate in the raffle with prizes.
  • The environment no longer suffers from improperly disposed waste, the leakage of hazardous / toxic substances into nature and thus the loss of important raw materials that can be reused in the production of other new equipment.
  1. The Clean Towns and Municipalities Campaigns are held every year and are announced on the ECOTIC website and on the organization's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Clean Cities campaigns carried out so far:

Clean Villages Campaigns carried out so far: