The kids do great deeds

"The kids do great deeds”Is an ECOTIC BAT project aimed at kindergartens for educational purposes regarding waste batteries and accumulators.

Every year, about 300 kindergartens from all over the country join the project.



The 2024 edition is over! 

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This project has two components:

1. The information component - where preschoolers learn about the importance of separate collection from an early age, the toxic substances contained in waste batteries and accumulators and the protection of the environment.

2. Collection component - where preschoolers actively contribute to the collection of waste batteries and accumulators.

The activities included in this educational and collection project will be monitored and awarded, depending on the amount of waste collected and the score obtained after judging the activities performed in class.

From this project, children are left with a baggage of information important and a correct behavior compared to this type of waste. And, at the same time, with many awards.

Each kindergarten receives a DBA collection container, information and support materials, and each child receives a mini collection container to use at home when collecting batteries.

In the summer months, kindergartens are collected, judged and prizes are awarded.

Read the Regulation here.