ECOTIC infrastructure at national level: 9000 collection points for electrical waste and batteries

de | septum. 16, 2021 | Articles, News

For 15 years, ECOTIC has been providing citizens with collection points waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste batteries and accumulators (DBA), positioned nationally.

With the support of companies, shops, local authorities and other entities that have contact with the general public, ECOTIC has managed to place separate WEEE and DBA collection containers in more than 9000 locations. ECOTIC efforts are constant in this direction, so we have made a map of the collection points available on

Among the 9000 locations and collection points, the Municipal Collection Center from Iași stands out ( - the first center to European standards in Romania. In most locations open to the general public, citizens will identify properly marked cardboard or plexiglass containers.

In the context of the expansion of the collection infrastructure, ECOTIC provides, free of charge WEEE collection containers (including light bulbs and neon lights) and DBA, for companies, office buildings or any other entities that have public access and wish to facilitate the separate collection of this waste. The request is sent by completing this form.


Retail stores that have EEE sales facilities of at least 400 m² have the obligation to offer the general public the option to dispose of this waste. That's why traders like Altex, Media Galaxy, PEPCO, Penny, Dedeman, Metro, Cora offer this option to their customers.

In Mega Image and Shop & Go you will find battery waste collection containers.