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In the clearing of the Early Forest where, for thousands of years, the Ecoterrians had met with so many children who could see them, they could now see thirteen figures: seven people, including a grandfather, and six Ecoterrians.

They had all come, one by one. At first timid, One, Two, Three, and the rest of the Ecoterrians had come out of the thicket and approached their grandfather. As usual, Doi was the one who broke the ice:

"Hi, what's your name?" She smiled broadly at her grandfather.

"I'm Santa Grace, Tania's grandfather!" Nice to meet you! And today, if I'm not mistaken, you can call me Santa Claus! Grandfather replied as gently as he could, searching with curious eyes for the creatures in front of him. The ecoterrians looked exactly as he had imagined. Maybe just a little smaller.

"Your name fits a bit," decreed Ecoterrianul Seven. "Only your beard is a little white," the old leprechaun continued, deciding on the spot that he would find a way to persuade his grandfather to paint his beard green.

But at that moment, something distracted the ecoterrian Seven. Forget Grandpa's white beard. It all started with a shiver in his soul. A familiar feeling, as if an old memory suddenly appeared in his heart. He knew that others felt the same way. Instinctively, the six Ecoterrians grabbed each other's hands and formed a semicircle in the clearing.

The wind began to blow, the trees were restless, and the sun seemed to shine brighter.

The children also felt that something was happening. Without thinking too much, as if pulled by an unseen force, they grabbed each other's hands and, together with their grandfather and the elves, formed a circle in the middle of the forest. An almost perfect circle. Half of it was green and fluffy, and half was warm and human….

And then, the miracle happens.

The wind, the leaves, the flowers, and the dust suddenly gathered in a vortex in the middle of the circle. It smelled of summer, the sun and all the flowers given to the earth. There was light, fragrance and a lot of emotion in the clearing of the Early Forest. For, as the wind calmed down and the flowers and leaves fell to the ground, the thirteen friends were astonished: in their midst appeared useSix!

The ecoterrians couldn't believe it. Three rubbed their eyes and looked sometimes at Six, sometimes at Seven, as if waiting for an explanation. Two pinched her arm alone, a gesture she had learned from Tania to convince herself that she was not dreaming… Auuu! No, he certainly did NOT dream!

Six smiled at them with unparalleled warmth. They threw themselves into the arms of his green friends, and probably for the first time in the history of their genus of elves, their eyes knew the tears. She had missed him. How he missed them! And now he was back. But how ?? The question was on everyone's mind.

But, above all, the Ecoterrians were very well raised. In front of them were six girls and a grandfather who had no idea what had happened or who had emerged from the whirlwind. Their gaping mouths (some even very gaping) proved this beyond denial.

"My dears," began Seven, "what a miracle! What an unseen coincidence! I thought he was gone forever, we'll never see him again, but here he is with us again for our sake …Six! ”

Iza's doll fell out of her hand.

Now the circle was truly complete!