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History is changing: a big surprise!

The day when Tania walked through the village and whispered to all the children she considered worthy of bearing the name of the Ecoterrians remains a mysterious day. Honestly, we don't know what he told them, how he convinced them to become, one by one, agents with a secret name and number. "Secret" had probably been the key word. What child would not want to have a secret identity, to live an adventure, to do exceptional things ??

What is certain is that, at the end of the day, Tania Șase was trotting on the main street of the village, accompanied by Andu Unu, Beti Doi, Cris Trei, Dan Patru, Eleni Cinci and so on. He hadn't found Seven yet, as you well know. The six children shone. And, for his grandfather's knowledgeable eyes, their direction was quite clear: they were going resolutely to the Beginning Forest.

We think it's good to warn you about one thing: Tania hadn't told the children yet that the Ecoterrians were real beings she could even see. She had been honest, she had told them that their group was an important one, because they would go to the forest to discover a family of elves and make friends with them. He had even told them that they were called Ecoterrieni and that they were green and fluffy. But for the children, everything was just a perfect scenario, an exciting story that allowed them - even the right one! - to leave the village and venture into the forest.

So, happy and completely fearless, the six friends entered the forest.

"Look," Seven felt the change immediately as the children stepped through the trees. "Tania is full of surprises!" And, delighted and as if more agile than his age allowed, Seven stopped to study a tree and immediately called the rest of the Ecoterrians to him.

They all arrived, delighted with a great need - but also a little excited - for what they had already felt: this time, not a single child had come. What to do? How to behave? They were all looking at Seven, who surely knew what to do.

"Don't worry, no one but Tania can see us. So let's play! ” decree Seven. And, with a happy chirp, the Ecoterrians hurried to the edge of the forest.

Tania, Cris, Dan and the rest of the children had already taken their mission very seriously. Tania showed them the secrets of nature and taught them how to hide a green leprechaun in each tree, in the shade of each leaf. And that he had to look carefully and take great care of the forest!

- Cris, you have to look at plants and trees with pleasure - then you will activate your magical powers and you will discover the Ecoterrians! she was babysitting Cris Three.

- Hellenes, the sky can be seen among the leaves of the trees! Look up and watch the clouds, maybe you will find a leprechaun! Tania encouraged Eleni Cinci.

And while rummaging and training her attention through the thicket of the forest, Tania had almost forgotten about her green friends. So, as six round, fluffy, super-smiling faces suddenly appeared in front of her, Tania burst out happy.

- I found them!! I found them!! she hopped happily.

When she turned to the children, Tania saw five pairs of staring eyes. Each child was stunned in his position. Andu, with some acorns in his hands, Beti stretched out after some geese, Cris perched on the leaves, and Dan and Eleni with their noses in some beautiful bells.

Tania slowly walks her gaze from the children to Ecoterrieni, and then back. And the truth found her completely unprepared: they all saw the elves!