Hand over electrical waste and you're rewarded!

de | July. 15, 2022 | ECOTIC Caravan, Orase Curate (Clean Cities), News

Pașcani, 15.07.2022. Electric waste collection campaign in Pașcani

Between 18 and 21 July 2022, the inhabitants of Pașcani municipality and neighboring localities are encouraged to be actively involved in environmental protection through the separate collection of electrical waste.

ECOLOGICAL, the first organization of manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in Romania, together with Pașcani City Hall, organizes the Clean Cities campaign for the inhabitants of Pașcani municipality, dedicated to the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Residents have at their disposal during the campaign:

  • FREE download from home electrical waste. Orders will be placed at the phone number 0757 326 842.

The collection of bulky electrical waste at home will be done both in the municipality of Pașcani, and in the localities in its vicinity such as: Sodomeni, Boșteni, Gâștești, Lunca, Blăgești. The minimum quantity allowed for household pick-ups is 50 kg (example: a washing machine / refrigerator / small waste that together exceeds 50 kg).

To encourage the recycling initiative, each person who will hand over waste electric will be awarded.


ECOTIC caravan present at the Clean Cities Pașcani campaign

At the same time, as a component of information on the hazardousness of electrical waste, The ECOTIC caravan will be present in Pașcani. It will be located in Agri-Food Market area, in the Vale area. The citizens of Pașcani are invited to visit the Caravan and hand over the small waste.

The foray into the world of electrical waste recycling through this interactive tool, makes those who visit it understand the importance of separate collection, in terms of recyclable materials, but also hazardous that can be recovered from equipment. a virtual tour of the ECOTIC Caravan is available here.

“These campaigns that we organize in the area of ​​Moldova aim to promote the correct separate collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment from citizens. These wastes have a recycling rate of over 85%, and their disposal for recycling is an important step in protecting the environment. " - says Mihai Bradu, ECOTIC MOLDOVA Manager