In the 6th District of Bucharest citizens changed waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) with Samsung technology

de | October. 31, 2012 | Ecotic Projects


in the 6th District of Bucharest citizens changed waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) for new Samsung technology.

Samsung Romania together with ECOTIC, SC Urban SA and the 6th District City Hall developed in September, the "Change waste for Samsung technology" campaign.

The draw of the winners took place on October 3, in the 6th District City Hall, in the presence of Mayor Rares Serban Manescu and the organizers of this project.

"Change waste for Samsung technology" is at the second campaign, after the one that took place in 2nd District of Bucharest, in March-April 2012. In the first campaign all consumers who brought used equipment were awarded two Samsung vouchers: one with a discount of up to 20% on selected products and the second one for participation in a raffle with the prizes as Samsung appliances. During this campaign over 5 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment were collected.

In 6th District, the project followed the same principles as the one that took place in the 2nd District: people who handed over WEEE received instant prizes, a voucher of up to 30% discount for Samsung washing machines or another product offered in the promotion. All those who entered the competition automatically participated in the raffle at the end of the campaign, in which were designated the winner .. The prizes of the campaign were provided by Samsung Romania: 8 weekly prizes, two for each of the four weeks of competition , and finally, a Samsung refrigerator.

In this edition were collected over 7,000 kg of waste electrical and electronic equipment, involving over 450 people, over 60 new equipment being purchased under given vouchers, these vouchers being valid until the end of November this year.

During the campaign there were four mobile collection points. They were placed in four main areas in District 6:

1. Moghioros Park, 03-09.09.2012;

2. Military terminal bus station, 10-16.09.2012;

3. Crangasi market place, 17-23.09.2012;

4. Regie Area, near the former Bread factory: 24-30.09.2012.