"Planting Day" with ECOTIC affiliated producers

de | April. 22, 2013 | Ecotic Projects

On April 19, ECOTIC has developed along with the affiliated producers in Bucharest - Ilfov are an action of afforestation in Voluntari, marking the end of the campaign of planting trees in the first half of the year.

The action was included in the "Planting Day", with the aim of restoring a forest.

In total there were planted over 500 small trees supplied by Forest Research and Management Institute in an area of ​​the Institute responsibility.

The companies that participated were: Ager Business Tech and Avitech Co., MGT Educational, secondary school students, and college students.

Armed with gloves, hoes, spades and plenty of good mood, we managed through a joint effort to forest a land the size of a football field.

All those present received diplomas from ECOTIC.