127 organizations worldwide were involved in the International Day for the Recycling of Electronic Waste

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November 18, 2020

International Day for the Recycling of Electronic Waste (October 14, 2020) has reached its third edition, has been the most widely publicized so far. The event, which brought together organizations from around the world, promoted the proper disposal of electrical and electronic equipment for reuse, reconditioning and recycling.

WEEE Forum - an international organization for the transfer of responsibilities (OTR) in the field of electronic waste management worldwide, involved 127 organizations from 51 countries on 6 continents together with many other entities, in promoting International E-Waste Recycling Day with activities, news reports and online campaigns.

All these organizations have developed much wider activities than in previous editions, even in the context of worrying volumes and treatment of e-waste, thus raising awareness of the problem.

To mark this day, the WEEE Forum has developed a report in partnership with the UN International Telecommunication Union, which emphasized the infrastructure needed for the communications industry. The WEEE Forum also released material video lesson with children around the world urging proper disposal of e-waste. The ECOTIC representative in this video is Sophie, who also understood, at the age of 6, how important separate collection is.

On the other hand, Basel Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, UNIDO, UNITAR and UN Habitat organized online seminars on 14 October and conferences, collecting campaign campaigns in many countries, TV, radio appearances and intense network promotion. social media and dissemination in the press, including a article on the Forbes website. A brief overview of global activities can be found here.

In Romania, ECOTIC has developed numerous awareness and information campaigns on the separate collection and recycling of electronic waste. Campaign „Act in Romania like abroad”Has returned to the small screens and YouTube and brings to the support of citizens a number of call centers (021.9641) from which they can find out the solutions for separate delivery of WEEE.

The quiz "Launched on October 14"The monsters in the pit”- a quiz developed together with Seneca Ecologos that helps to understand the separate collection and its importance.

ECOTIC partner companies gave examples of good practice and contributed to the promotion of this day by conducting internal information and collection campaigns dedicated to employees. This has increased the awareness of recycling among employees.

In Brașov, ECOTIC and EcoCivica Center have developed a local collection campaign and an information activity in schools - in compliance with the safety measures imposed by the authorities.

Regarding the International Day for the Recycling of Electronic Waste 2020, European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius said that "the proper management and processing of e-waste is an excellent way to reduce the exploitation of raw materials, reduce emissions and stimulate local development and jobs ”. He added that "most people do not know about this, but 80% of the energy used by a smartphone during its life cycle happens before it reaches the consumer, so electronic devices must have a longer life. , be more durable and easier to repair. ”

Pascal Leroy, CEO of WEEE Forum, explained: “We are once again extremely pleased and delighted with the way in which International Electronic Waste Recycling Day has been promoted worldwide by the collective organizations of the WEEE Forum, important entities at the level of such as those related to the United Nations and other organizations. But it was especially remarkable this year that organizations and influential people, some with many millions of followers on social media, participated independently in the event and used it to send convincing messages. ” He continued: "Electronic waste is a fast-growing waste stream that requires careful management to ensure that all hazardous components are treated effectively and that the rare and critical raw materials they contain can be recovered and reused. for the production of new items. It is essential that the message is conveyed to consumers. ”


Infographics and video explaining the issue of separate collection of WEEE