2006: ECOTIC is established, the first organization for the transfer of responsibilities of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers in Romania

de | May 20, 2021 | Articles, News

ECOTIC is the first responsibility transfer organization (OTR) of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers, thus opening the doors of this field in Romania. ECOTIC started as an initiative APDETIC - the association of manufacturers and distributors of IT&C equipment.

15 years away Valentin Negoiță - President of ECOTIC tells us what were the circumstances then and how was the evolution of ECOTIC activity

"In 2006 we entered an unknown field, regulated by new legislation. We have launched extensive information and awareness campaigns for the population and local authorities in order to understand the importance of environmental protection and our obligations as an EU member country. We also came to the aid of local public authorities by setting up electricity and electronic waste collection points for citizens ”.

After 15 years, ECOTIC has a network of 8600 collection points and is the leader on the WEEE market with over 200.000 tons managed on behalf of the affiliated producers ”.