European Recycling Society - Natural Resources and Waste Management

de | May 7, 2014 | News

Planeta Verde Association, together with the Romanian Environmental Association and in partnership with the European Network of Environmental Professionals, organized the second edition of the Conference "European Recycling Society - Natural Resources and Waste Management" between 09-10 April 2014 .

This conference was an opportunity to interact directly with experts on the analysis and debate of the most important notions, issues and trends in key areas of waste management.

The structure of the conference was based on seminars and plenary sessions, generating solutions for the problems faced by the countries of South-Eastern Europe. ECOTIC was represented at this conference by Dragos Calugaru, general manager. The presentation focused on issues related to the responsibilities of EEE producers, on issues related to WEEE as well as on the problems encountered at national level in this field.

During this international event, the guests watched a special speech recorded for this conference, by the European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik, the moment being the key to the opening of the plenary sessions.

The agenda of the event included the debate of the important aspects that influence the waste management industry both at national and European level. These included the revision of the key objectives of the European Union and of the European legislation on waste management, the imperatives and limits of integrated waste management, the associative approach in the field and the emerging role of recycling structures.