A new edition of the national eco-education program, the Ecoterrian School

de | septum. 23, 2022 | News

Schools are invited to sign up for a new edition of the awareness programme.

Starting on September 23, 2022, ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT launch the fifth edition of the Ecoterrian School campaign addressed to schools and the future generation of responsible citizens.

The campaign, which will take place during September 23, 2022-July 10, 2023, aims to make students aware of the importance of environmental protection and the separate collection of electrical, electronic waste, light sources and batteries.

Starting from September 23, 2022, ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT invite schools to participate in the national awareness program and collection of used electrical equipment and batteries. It focuses on 2 main directions:

  • that of awareness, in which participating schools will implement environmental education activities
  • that of collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment, light bulbs and neon lights, as well as waste batteries and accumulators.

What type of educational institutions can apply?

Primary and/or secondary schools are invited to register between September 23 and October 10, 2022. Registration can be done by accessing the dedicated form here

The schools participating in the campaign will receive a set of information and ecological education materials and a set of containers in which they can collect waste electrical and electronic equipment, lighting fixtures and waste batteries and accumulators. The activities will take place simultaneously with the lessons in the classroom, and can be done both in physical format and in the online system.

Schools' involvement in the campaign will be rewarded. Thus, schools that will carry out the lessons and/or practical activities and/or collect electrical and electronic waste/battery waste will receive gift vouchers for the purchase of products necessary for the school activity. At the same time, the organizers will award prizes to the most involved teachers and students to reward them for their efforts in protecting the environment.

"The Ecoterrian School program, already well-known among schools in Romania, contributes to the environmental education of the young generation. Through eco-education and waste collection actions, especially electrical and electronic waste and batteries, we try to teach the little ones about the impact our daily activities have on the environment and how we can take care of planet", declares Valentin Negoiță, president of ECOTIC.

Details about the campaign and its rules are available on the page dedicated to the campaign https://www.ecotic.ro/scoalaecoterrienilor/ .