Dialogue with the representatives of the European Commission regarding the WEEE issue

de | July. 25, 2017 | News

On July 13, a seminar on WEEE management was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment. This event took place at the initiative of the European Commission as part of a European program to monitor the application of EU law.

In addition to the aspect mentioned above, the purpose of the program is to formulate recommendations on good practices identification and worth replicating.

The event was attended by European Commission Bettina Lorz and Maria Banti from DG Environment, on behalf of the authorities were representatives of the Ministry of Environment, the National Environmental Guard, the Environment Fund Agency and the Ministry of Economy, as well as responsibility transfer organizations, representatives of the recycling industry, APDETIC and CECED.

ECOTIC gave a presentation on the challenges in WEEE management and related solutions. The recommendations presented were found in other guest presentations, a sign that the problems are common to all market players:

  • Implementation of the "All Actors" system with reference to achieving national collection targets
  • Accountability of all actors involved in the WEEE flow
  • Tightening legislation and control to combat illegal collection and dismantling
  • Modification of the authorization system for WEEE treatment activities and mandatory introduction of WEEELABEX certification (Cenelec EN50625)
  • Modification of the reporting system to ensure simplicity and traceability
  • The penalties of the OTRs should be related to their performance