ECOTIC Caravan in Iași on the International Day of Electrical Waste Recycling

de | October. 18, 2022 | ECOTIC Caravan, Recycling Station, News

Bucharest, October 18, 2022    

With the occasion of International Day of Recycling of Electrical Waste (October 14),  ECOTIC together with Salubris Iasi and Iasi City Hall  will organize a collection and awareness campaign in between October 18 and 22. She will be present at this campaign ECOTIC Caravan, the mobile museum of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The foray into the world of electrical waste recycling through this interactive tool makes those who visit it understand the importance of separate collection, through the lens of recyclable but also dangerous materials that can be recovered from equipment. A virtual tour of the ECOTIC Caravan is available here.

Where can you see the ECOTIC Caravan?

We welcome you to visit and bring e-waste to ECOTIC Caravan which will be located in Palace Square in the time frame 12:00 - 18:00.


Pick up from home

For FREE collection of bulky electrical waste (over 50 e kg) from home, residents of Iași can place an order to ECOTIC Moldova – 0756. 326.842 The home pick-up service is permanently available in Iași.