Over 300 IT equipment donated to children in the country by the Informal School of IT and BCR with ECOTIC support

de | aug. 12, 2020 | News

The informal IT school started the project in May IT4Kids in rural areas, in order to improve access to modern (including distance) education for rural students in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic and the inability of children to attend school.

Inside the project, BCR and BCR Social Finance IFN SA donated over 300 IT equipment (laptops, tablets, routers, etc.), which were distributed in 15 educational institutions in the counties of Sălaj, Sibiu, Cluj, Iasi, Dolj, Constanta and Buzau. The preparation for reuse and endowment with operating systems of IT equipment was supported by ECOTIC and APDETIC via Workshops without borders.

"IT4Kids in the rural area is a new successful project of the Informal School of IT, which will bring closer, through the online environment, students and teachers from many schools in the country. In the 3 months of the project, we discovered how important it is to be connected, both to technology and to those around us. Together we can lend a helping hand where needed", Says Mihai Talpos, co-founder of the Informal School of IT.

The IT4Kids project also came in support of over 120 rural teachers from Sibiu, Sălaj and Cluj counties, who participated in online (free) courses of "Introduction to Zoom and Google Classroom communication platforms", delivered by the school's mentors informal IT.

"We are happy to be able to support the project IT4Kids, extremely useful especially in the current context, but also for the future. No matter what happens in the next period, whether schools will stay online or not, the digital component will be more and more present and will influence education in many ways. The laptop or tablet must not be a SF object for any child, regardless of the environment they come from. Therefore, any means by which we can facilitate access to technology, both for children and teachers, is a very important investment and with long-term effects for them, but also for society.", Said Ionuț Stanimir, BCR Marketing Director.

About the Informal School of IT

Founded in 2013, the Informal IT School is a national leader in the field of non-formal education and vocational retraining in the IT field. So far, over 5000 technology enthusiasts have graduated the IT courses offered by the school, in the 7 largest IT hubs in the country (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, Brasov, Sibiu and Craiova). The active community of over 100 practicing mentors in large national and international IT companies offers career mentoring and coaching to students who want the chance to start again. The informal IT school is a partner of over 120 top companies in the IT & Software industry.

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