Possibilities for recycling CRT glass and polyurethane foam

de | May 22, 2014 | News

 The recycling possibilities for two categories of fractions resulting from the treatment of electronic equipment, respectively glass from the treatment of cathode ray tubes and polyurethane foam from the treatment of refrigeration equipment were the subject of research activities of specialist teams at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. These studies are based on the need to identify concrete solutions for recycling these categories of waste, in order to limit the volume of waste that is finally stored or other disposal methods used. Thus, different recycling possibilities were identified for each category of fractions subjected to the study by using these wastes as an aggregate in some composite materials based on cement or plaster:

-          Composite materials with CRT glass content can be used especially for the manufacture of decorative elements in buildings, pavers, floors.

-          Composite materials with polyurethane foam content can be used for the manufacture of prefabricated elements with insulating role of constructions, light mortars.

The results of the research activities were selected for participation in the sixth edition of the International Exhibition of Creation and Innovation "EUROINVENT", which took place in Iasi between May 22-24, 2014. The complete catalog of works present at this event can be consulted here: http://www.eudirect.ro/euroinvent/cat/e2014.pdf.

One of these works was awarded the gold medal of the exhibition. 

ECOTIC promotes research and development of innovative solutions for recycling electrical and electronic equipment waste, so that the WEEE recycling industry in Romania benefits from applicable results, in order to increase the economic efficiency of these activities and quality indicators of recycling services.