Public debate: Ordinance for completing GEO 196/2005 on the environmental fund.

de | septum. 1, 2015 | News

A few weeks ago, the Environment Fund Administration sent to coat of arms of Romaniapublic debate a normative act which, in addition to the provisions for introducing a tax on final storage (landfills) - an issue that is on the emergency list of the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, comes with proposals that affect the WEEE and DBA environment.

The proposals consist in establishing penalties to the producers of EEE and BA for the difference between the collection targets mentioned in GEO 5/2015, respectively 1132/2008 and the actual achievements. The verification of the achievement of the targets would be in charge of AFM. The proposed penalty is 2 lei / kg target not reached. Another provision with impact is the request for weekly reports to AFM of what is put on the market, similar to the provisions for packaging.

ECOTIC submitted a point of view and participated, following the invitation of the Administration of the Environment Fund, in the debate that took place on 05.08.2015, strengthening the point of view sent in writing.

Here you can access substantiation note.