The raffle of the launch campaign of the Iași Municipal Collection Center, “MY CLEAN IAȘ”, has designated its winners!

de | April. 27, 2016 | News

On March 10, 2016, in Iași, for the first time for Romania, the Municipal Center for Waste Collection from Private Households was launched. On this occasion, a campaign was launched to inform and encourage the people of Iași to participate in the “My clean Iași” project, by correctly disposing of the waste at CMCI and implicitly participating in a raffle with attractive prizes.

 Between March 10 and 31, 2016, hundreds of people from Iași crossed the threshold of the Iași Municipal Collection Center (CMCI), a project resulting from the partnership between the ECOTIC Organization, Iași City Hall, Salubris SA and Norway Grants. People have shown an extraordinary civic spirit, really starting the spring cleaning and correctly handing over, in the center, the most diverse waste: from paper, plastic and glass to electronics, textiles, batteries, as well as reusable goods that will be donated to disadvantaged groups.

Young and old, they were all entered in a raffle with attractive prizes. It is worth mentioning the diversity of those who chose to follow the urges of the launch campaign and to actively contribute to the cleanliness of Iasi. The registrations record very young participants, along with octogenarians who put the need for cleanliness and civilization of their community before their own comfort. Congratulations!

Here are the winners of the raffle, nominated in the draw on April 1, 2016:

7 tablet

  1. Iuliana was born
  2. Lucian glue
  3. Mastarelu Rafael - Alexandru
  4. Ignat Mihaela
  5. Filimon Florina
  6. Murgocea Maria
  7. Lucica carp


  1. Wolf Costel
  2. Dobos Robert

1 washing machine

  1. Popescu Adina
  2. For more details,