The Iași Municipal Collection Center is taken over for administration by the Iași City Hall

de | October. 26, 2023 | CMC Yes, News

Today, October 26, 2023, the ECOTIC Association handed over, during a festive event, to the Iași City Hall the management and operation of the Iași Municipal Collection Center (CMCI), the first center in Romania dedicated to the collection of recyclable waste from private households.

About CMCI

Iasi Municipal Collection Center (CMCI) is the result of a partnership between ECOTIC Association, Iasi City Hall and SALUBRIS SA. CMCI is a European solution for clean and ecological cities, where the population can easily hand in, either by car or on foot, all types of waste that is generated at home and is not residual waste: electrical and used batteries, plastic, paper, glass, furniture old or non-functional. All information is available on . The center was built after obtaining partial funding from Norway Grants, and during the 8 years of operation (2016-2023) ECOTIC supported the development of the center both from an administrative point of view, as well as in terms of its promotion at the local level. In the period 2016-2022 over 1600 tons of waste were taught by the people of Iași at CMCI, thus important resources re-entered the circuit of the production of new products, thus contributing to the recovery of valuable raw materials and the transition to the circular economy.


"CMCI, the first universal waste collection center in Romania, represents an example of good practices in the field of separate collection of waste from the population and a model to be followed by other local authorities in the country. We are happy to have contributed in the last 8 years, together with our partners, Iași City Hall and Salubris SA, to good waste management for the benefit of the local community. We want to continue our successful collaboration in the field of environmental protection and efficient use of resources even after the handover of the Center to the Iași City Hall", declares Valentin Negoiță, President of ECOTIC


"I had the pleasure of managing together with ECOTIC and the Iași City Hall, for 8 years, this Municipal Collection Center, which experienced a beautiful development in terms of notoriety in the city and the number of visitors/depositors. In this location, not only waste COLLECTION is done, but also education in the field of environmental protection and waste management, where we can learn the correct way of separate waste collection.'' said Mr. Cătălin NECULAU, Director General of Salubris SA

Ongoing campaign

Until the end of the year, to further encourage residents to collect separately and participate in the recycling process, the Center continues the loyalty program aimed at increasing the frequency of visits to the location. Thus, the Iași Municipal Collection Center has a loyalty card, nominal, which is offered to those who bring waste to Stradela Grădinari no. 26. Every four visits, people from Iași receive an umbrella or a reusable water bottle as a gift, and those who hand over waste electrical equipment (including light bulbs and neon lights) and / or used batteries are entered in a raffle where they can win an LCD or kit. rechargeable batteries.