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de | April. 1, 2021 | News

Electric and battery waste collection campaign in Sector 1 of the Capital

Bucharest, 1.04.2021

From 1 to 30 April, the inhabitants of sector 1 are encouraged to be actively involved in environmental protection by collecting separately electrical and battery waste, thus having the opportunity to participate in a raffle with attractive prizes.

Starting from the needs of the people of Bucharest in terms of recycling, ECOTIC, the first organization of manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in Romania, together with New Bucharest Civic Initiative, GIC I live in a match, GIC Parents of Cherries - Domains, Aviation Neighborhood Association, Gis Kiseleff, GIC Herastrau Park, GIC Palace Hall, GIC Cismigiu organizes a campaign for the inhabitants of the Capital, dedicated to the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (including light bulbs and neons) and batteries and accumulators in Sector 1 of Bucharest.

Residents have at their disposal during the campaign:
  1. FREE collection of bulky waste from home (minimum 50 kg electrical waste / refrigerator / washing machine etc) throughout the campaign (April 1-30). Call will be picked up unique number 021 9641.
  2. Delivery to the following temporary collection points only on Saturdays, April 24.
  3. Domenii Square - Bd. Ion Mihalache 128C (11:00 - 17:00)
  4. Chibrit Square - Str. Mureș, no. 18 - 24 (Lidl parking lot), (11:00 - 17:00)
  5. Kaufland New Bucharest - Bd Bucureștii Noi 50B, (11:00 - 17:00)
  6. Palace Hall - Columns, passage to Cismigiu (parking lot, 14 Poiana Narciselor Street) (10:00 - 12:00)

To encourage the recycling initiative, the organizers also propose a raffle throughout the campaign in which all those who brought will participate. electrical waste of at least 5kg cumulative, minimum 15 pcs of batteries and / or batteries or minimum 5 bulbs and / or neons. The prizes offered at the raffle are: 1 air purifier, 1 ironing station, 5 fitness bracelets.

Campaign rules are available here.

“Electrical equipment waste contains hazardous substances that, once in nature, pollute the soil, water, air and, implicitly, affect our health. It is important for citizens to understand that it is necessary to collect separately, especially electrical waste, used batteries or light bulbs and neon lights. We organized this campaign, together with ECOTIC, to show the citizens that collecting separately is simple and in everyone's power. ” declares Cristina Pascu - Sector 1 Civic Network

Campania "Clean Cities" is part of the national information campaign "Be with you in the country as well as abroad ", organized by ECOTIC in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests. Its purpose is to contribute to the awareness of the Romanian public regarding the correct behavior towards a type of waste: WEEE - waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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ECOTIC is the first organization of manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in Romania, founded in 2006, which provides free containers for the separate collection of waste electronic small equipment and batteries, as well as the free collection of bulky equipment from the company's premises or from home. For more details send an e-mail to