You come to Brico with 5 old bulbs and leave with a new LED

de | mart. 9, 2023 | News

The population encouragement campaign to hand over old light bulbs for recycling, continue in those 35 Brico Depot stores, located nationally. The partnership between ECOTIC and Brico Depot also takes shape in such awareness and collection actions aimed at bringing to the attention of the general public the solutions for handing in electrical waste.

Why recycle light sources?

95% of the materials contained in LED bulbs can be recycled. They contain glass, plastic, printed circuit boards and aluminum. They end up being recycled even at a factory of this type in Romania, Greenweee, Buzau.

Where can you teach them?

All stores that sell electrical equipment, including light sources (LED bulbs, neon lights, etc.) usually have a container dedicated to the separate collection of light bulbs and neon lights, as well as small electrical waste. Brico Depot has such a container in all its stores.

Campaign details

Those who will bring to Brico Depot stores 5 bulbs will receive 1 new LED bulb FREE. For fish 30 bulbs brought, one will be offered screwdriver kit.


"Achieving the collection targets for light sources is a challenge in our field, taking into account that a large part of them do not end up in the opposite recycling stream, they are thrown away together with household waste. The BRICO DEPOT campaign contributes to the collection, as well as educating the population to hand over used light bulbs and neon lights to the dedicated containers in BRICO stores." Sabina Pîrvulescu, ECOTIC Operational Director


Campaign rules are available here.