GIVE NATURE LIFE WITH A GOOD IDEA! November 21 - December 9

de | nov. 17, 2016 | campaign

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  • November 21 - 25 at the University of Bucharest (Faculty of Law and Faculty of Letters)
  • December 05 - 09 at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (New premises - AN and EC Corps entrance - Faculty of Automation)

Ink audience:

  • students from the University of Bucharest and from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest


Inside the 2 universities will be located a stand of about 3 m in the locations mentioned above, in the form of COPAC, without leaves. The students' role will be to green and give life to the TREE with their green ideas or by answering a question correctly. The flyers on which the ideas / answers will be laid have been created symbolically in the form of leaves. On the back of each flyer is a question that students will answer. Later, they will go with the flyer to COPAC, where they will receive an instant prize from the promoters.

The regulation is available here.