Buzau, an example of good practice in the separate collection of electrical waste

de | April. 12, 2022 | News

Implementing solutions for the collection of electrical waste available to citizens is one of the basic directions of ECOTIC. In this sense, ECOTIC has a series of collaborations with local public authorities, as well as with sanitation companies that provide collection services for electrical waste from the population.blank

February of this year marked the location of electrical waste collection containers in several areas of Buzău in a partnership between ECOTIC, RER SUD and Buzău City Hall. Thus, the people of Buzau have the opportunity to hand over electrical and electronic waste in a way FREE every Friday, from 12:00 to 16:00, to the 3 containers located in:

  • Central square,
  • Dorobanti Square 2,
  • Crâng Complex (Micro 14)

Citizens can bring to these containers both small and medium-sized electrical and electronic waste (hair dryer, iron, laptop, kettle, mixers, televisions, etc.) as well as large waste (refrigerators, washing machines, electric stoves, dryers). clothing, etc.) and lighting sources (fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs, sodium vapor lamps, etc.).

This solution is available to residents who want to dispose of such waste quickly and correctly and who do not have the space to store it temporarily until it is delivered during the half-yearly campaigns.

At the same time, between March 21 and April 24, RER SUD, together with its partners, organizes the campaign Buzau, a city open to cleanliness urging residents to collect electrical and electronic waste as well as bulky waste separately.

It is important to mention the constant concern of RER SUD to come to the aid of citizens, which translates into conducting half-yearly waste collection campaigns, directly from home, based on telephone request, according to a previously announced program.blank

“RER SUD, together with its partners, makes constant efforts to offer the people of Buzau solutions for the correct management of waste electrical equipment, by creating collection points and services at European standards. It is important to remember that this waste contains harmful substances that once in the environment can pollute it irreversibly and that by collecting them separately and ensuring the road to recycling, we contribute to the creation of an increasingly clean city and the maintenance of the emblem. of "Buzau open to cleanliness". Our priority is to provide the people of Buzau with a complete sanitation service that is constantly adapted to the legislative requirements, and the separate collection of waste electrical equipment will be treated with the utmost seriousness, taking into account that their abandonment negatively impacts the environment in which we live. declares Liviu Mocanu, General Manager of RER SUD.

Details on how to manage electrical, electronic and household waste, as well as on organized campaigns can be found by accessing www.rersud.ro.