Did you know that you can bring used batteries and light bulbs to JYSK?

de | April. 15, 2022 | News

blankECOTIC together with JYSK is launching a public awareness campaign on separate collection for the recycling of waste batteries, light bulbs, neons and small electronics.

All 118 JYSK stores are equipped with containers dedicated to the separate collection of broken batteries, bulbs and small electronics. Customers will also receive FREE mini containers at the cash register for separate collection of portable batteries at home *.

What can you bring to the dedicated container?

  • Consumable portable batteries (AA, AAA, pill batteries, phone / laptop / camera batteries)
  • Damaged light bulbs / neon lights
  • Small used electronics (mouse, keyboard, remote control, chargers, headphones, etc.).

What happens to the waste brought to the container?

The waste brought to the dedicated container will arrive on recycling flow. In this way, JYSK customers can turn a simple visit to the JYSK store into something that helps to protect the environment. How does this happen? By handing over electrical and battery waste for recycling, hazardous materials are safely disposed of, and those that can be recovered end up secondary raw materials used in the manufacture of new products. A number of information on this topic are available on www.ecotic.ro, as well as on the social media pages of the ECOTIC Organization, or on  www.jysk.ro/colectare-selectiva.

"I don't think we can imagine our life today without all the electronic equipment we use, without headphones, phones, chargers or batteries. It makes our lives easier, helps us to stay connected, to inform ourselves or to have fun. But what do we do with them when they become unusable? The evolution of technology also gives us the answer, because most of the components that make up electrical equipment and batteries can be recycled. With a little effort on our part, taking them to a separate collection point instead of throwing them in the trash at home, we have two important benefits: we do not throw harmful substances into the environment and, in addition, we recover the raw material from which they are made and reused for the manufacture of new products. Keep that incandescent light bulb, keep those worn out batteries or broken phone headsets, keep them in a container, and on the way to a store, take them with you and leave them in the special collection container. It's simple, but it matters a lot! Every battery that reaches the collection container, not the environment, is a gain for our planet ", he says Raluca Dascalu, Communications Manager JYSK Romania.

"JYSK is a noteworthy example of involvement in initiatives to raise awareness of responsible behavior towards the environment and, implicitly, towards resources. Together with Raluca, I identified the messages and the most effective methods of communication to transmit them. Thank you for the partnership, together we take important steps for a clean environment! ”, Ema Cumpătă, ECOTIC Communication Coordinator.

ECOTIC has also made available to the general public a dedicated call center number, 021 9641, where citizens can identify the solutions they have available for handing over electrical and battery waste.

* within the available stock