A new success in the second stage of the "Recycling Station" campaign: 3500 visitors

de | aug. 4, 2016 | News

Between July 14 and 28, 2016, ECOTIC in partnership with the Intercommunity Development Association for Sanitation Iasi (ADIS) and the Agency for Environmental Protection Iasi organized the second stage of the Campaign "Recycling Station" in Tomesti, Holboca, Popricani, Vladeni and Sipote from Iasi county. 

The campaign launched by the ECOTIC Organization aims to develop a responsible attitude of the citizens from the rural environment towards the environment, in the idea of ​​raising awareness of the waste problem. Residents are informed and encouraged to actively participate in the proper collection and recycling of WEEE. Participants who handed over a minimum of 5 kg of waste electrical and electronic equipment participated in a raffle with inspired prizes: a brushcutter, two egg incubators and three kits with different tools.

In the second stage, the Caravan parked in the following localities:

  1. Tomesti commune- 14 - 16.07.2016
  2. Holboca commune- 17 - 19.07.2016
  3. Popricani commune- 20 - 22.07.2016
  4. Vladeni commune- 23 - 25.07.2016
  5. Commune Sipote- 26 -28.07.2016

The ECOTIC caravan will continue to travel through the villages in Iasi County, in Stage III, and will encourage people to hand over old electrical equipment.